Wish You Were Here?

I have decided to reblog a post from Lottie Nevin, whom I now follow on various social media sites. I find her blog so refreshingly down-to-earth and funny, but with a social concern, she writes about her life with The Irishman in Indonesia, and her photography is truly honest and beautiful.Please watch this video, if you have concerns about pollution and plastics.

Lottie Nevin - The Red House Diaries


I wrote about waste, pollution and plastic almost a year ago. Here is the link.

What A Waste

Nothing has improved since then, in fact if anything the problem has got even worse. The two beaches on Bali that I visit most often are Sanur and Jimbaran. Both of these beaches are visibly filthier than last year. Jimbaran was a sight yesterday. The whole length of the beach was strewn with plastic bottles, bags and rubbish. It was quite heartbreaking. This time a year ago it was one of the cleanest beaches on the island.



Here is a great link from Earth Children Global that sums up Bali’s trash problems. The hows and whys of what is happening not just here but globally.





The time has come to make radical changes before it’s too late. Our beautiful planet’s oceans are already choked with tons of plastic, our seas…

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